Goals & Opportunities

Today was a really good day. I spent much of the day with a new friend, exploring the city and discussing things we want to accomplish while we are here in Okinawa. As we walked along the busy streets of Naha, I realized how lucky I am to be here. Our time here is full of potential, and I want to make the most of it. Now is a good time to organize my goals for our 3-year tour here, and this blog is a great place to keep track of them. Posting them here will keep me motivated to reach them and force me to stay accountable to them. After all, the world will know if I decide to lay on the couch for three years while watching the Jersey Shore. (Actually, our cable network may have just lost the rights to MTV, so there’s not much risk of that. Win!) πŸ˜‰

By the time we leave Okinawa, I plan to:

1. Travel. A lot. I’ll get more specific later, because this is a big one!

2. Become fluent in Japanese

3. Get my Master’s

4. Learn to sew

5.Run a half marathon (This should be accomplished within the year, at which point I may up this to a full)

6. Keep up with my blog

7. Start reading all the books I should have been reading all of my life. Suggestions, anyone?

8. Climb Mt. Fuji

9. Once a month, do something that scares me. Last month was snorkeling (more on that embarrassing adventure later… maybe.) πŸ™‚

10. Help Casey as best I can to reach his one goal of becoming aircraft commander.

I’ll let you know how we’re doing. You Americans have a great day– I’m headed to bed, like these two cuties!


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4 thoughts on “Goals & Opportunities

  1. Dixie

    I’m so excited for you to run a half marathon! Such an accomplishment. I’m so excited for your adventures while you are there! And when you climb Mt. Fuji, I want lots of pictures!!! I’m so jealous of this one! πŸ™‚ Love you!

    • Dix, I’m off to a late start with only 2 short runs so far this month, but I would love to run a race with you again someday. Maybe when I’m back in the states we can find a 10k or something? Love you!

  2. Blake, Mike, Sage, Ashley, Sam, Emily, Sharon, and Abby

    Your friends at Sterling Personnel are just keeping tabs and making sure you are staying out of trouble. Everybody is excited about your goals and wishes you luck!!

    • Hey, guys! So good to hear from you all! I miss you all so much and I think of you all the time. How is Texas these days?

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