A Walk through the Okinawan Jungle

About a month ago, Casey and I took a trip to Bios no Oka, or Bios on the Hill, a park celebrating Okinawan flora. It was a very hot and humid day, but I just had to check this place off my Okinawan “bucket list” with my adventuring life partner. 😉


We ventured through all of the paths we could find, climbing beautiful sets of stone staircases along the way. Casey showed off his skills on stilts (after which some adorable elderly Japanese women smiled and told him to be careful).


We then took a leisurely boat ride guided by a funny little Japanese man. I know that he was funny because he must have been telling jokes in Japanese while he led the tour down the river, as the rest of the boat passengers kept laughing. I could understand almost one out of every ten words he spoke, so unfortunately his jokes were lost on us.  Fortunately, we were there for the scenery rather than the comedy show, so all was not lost. (It did, however, renew my motivation to achieve fluency in Japanese).


Along the way, we saw gorgeous orchids, a sad ox taking a bath, and a beautiful woman in traditional Okinawan garb.

2013-08-19 20.48.00

After our boat ride, we trekked through this awesome bunch of lily pads, along a little bridge built out of rope and 2 x 8 boards, dodging banana spiders all the way.

2013-08-19 21.53.39

Overall, it was a great day spent with my love. I am always inspired by the respect and reverence the Okinawans show for the land they call home. We have so many more adventures to share here, and I am already dreading the moment when we leave this gorgeous rock.

With love and lily pads,


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2 thoughts on “A Walk through the Okinawan Jungle

  1. Hi Amanda, I love your posts. My daughter is currently stationed at Camp Kinser, and this is my greatest wish for her, that she could love where she is and explore the beauty of Okinawa while there. It’s quite a change from Colorado. Anyway, thanks for your blog! If you have any hints I could pass on to my daughter, I’d be forever grateful. She is very homesick. All my best, Debbie Karp

    • Debbie, Your daughter is lucky to have a mother as concerned for her as you are. I also live on Camp Kinser, and I must say that Kinser itself is not a very inspiring place. My husband basically dragged me here kicking and screaming, but I make sure to get off base and discover the island as much as possible. It is not always easy, but if your daughter makes an effort to get out and explore, she will not be disappointed. It did not take me long to fall in love with this place, and now I cannot imagine leaving. Thank you for reading my blog! I wish you and your family happiness and fulfillment wherever you end up!

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