Cast of Characters

Let me introduce you to my little family!

Me, Amanda:

2013-04-07 00.35.49

Born in Jersey and raised in Virginia, I am a bleeding heart, neurotic vegetarian with a love of junk food. Passionate about law and helping people, I have found a place for myself in the field of Human Resources.  I have many bad habits, namely biting my fingernails, self-deprecation, loafing, and saying yes when I really want to say no. I love to craft, read, write, dance, and see new things, but only if I can maintain control over the entire process. This life is perfect for me because I have no choice but to let go, see the world, and try new things. I love discovering new things about the people and places I experience on our journey, learning languages and subcultural norms as I go. Above all in this adventure, I promise to try to stay true to me and therefore you. Welcome to our world.

Casey, the Husband:


Casey is a Marine Corps C-130 pilot with an insatiable thirst for beer and adventure, in that order. My debate opponent in college, I noticed Casey for his charm and intellect, his witty sense of humor, and his perpetually positive spirit. A native San-Diegan, he is both a fish taco connoisseur and an outdoor sports aficionado. He loves to build and create, and is always determined to create a solution to a problem, even if you haven’t asked for one. An avid home-brewer, he has managed to combine his passion and talents for beer and working with his hands to craft some tasty brews. He challenges me to be better in so many ways, and I look forward to many more adventures as we grow old together in this crazy life.

Barley, the Muscular Hound-dog:


Barley is the snuggliest Beagle-Pitbull mix that has ever lived. Picked up at four months old at the pound in Pensacola, Florida, he was the best $60 we ever spent. His hobbies include wrestling with Casey, eating cicadas, chasing crabs, giving hugs, and playing tag with his pet cat, Hops. At the ripe age of four, Barley is a well-traveled dog, having accompanied us on many a road trip, backpacked through the mountains with us, and even hopped on a casual flight to Japan. He is highly emotional, expressing his frustrations through assertive nose nudges, sad beagle howls, and decisive sighs coupled with a critical eye roll now and again. He also enjoys showing off his fashion sense through his collection of bandanas. Barley knows exactly how to push my buttons, but he is the best buddy I could ever have asked for, keeping me company and giving me a reason to get out of bed in the morning (or else).

Hops, our Fluffy Catbeast:


Hops is a mix between an affectionate cat and a hungry opossum. Found underneath a dumpster in Milton, Florida, at only three weeks old, Hops was determined to become a part of our family. She and Barley became fast friends, and she soon won Casey’s heart (she had mine at meow). 😉 Hops enjoys attacking shower curtains, eating bugs, snuggling with Casey and Barley, and stealing sandwiches. She is quite the temperamental beast, but we love her in all of her fluffy ferocity. She keeps our life interesting, whether she is surprising us by talking to herself at three am, attacking our ankles during a dark walk down the hallway, or by chasing Casey’s wedding ring down the drain. As you might guess, she is sometimes the villain in the story of my life.

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